The Stranger Lands

S4 E5: Two Wrongs Make A War

February 19, 2019

More answers, more problems. Rylkah attempts negotiations with the Drow, Skritch Skratch is no where to be found, and Daryl attempts his version of a "solution". What could possibly go wrong?


Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijin

Skrit Skratch, the Kobold Sorcerer - Trav- @tigurias87

Daryl, the vampire bard- Murphy @boozeonforstdnd

Diamat, the Dungeon Master - Mat - @Witty_Mat

and special guests:
Lord Captain Rhylkah the Drow - Kelly - @MightBeKelly 

This episode is sponsored by Die Hard Dice. Be sure to use the offer code STRANGERLANDS to receive 15% off your checkout price. 

A special thank you goes to The Cog is Dead (@TheCogIsDeaD) for our theme song “People Are Strange” and to Jenny (@Floyd_jpg) for our cover art! 

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