The Stranger Lands

S1 E4: The Church, The Helm, and The Aasimar

June 6, 2017

Howdy Strangers! It's your favorite chromatic DM, Diamat! Well, it seems Kra’ag, Bagger, Silver Paw, the mysterious Aasimar and Daryl made short work of those Drow... wait, where IS Daryl? AND WHY IS THERE AN AASIMAR HERE?! Oh no, and Slynt is buggered! Not sure things can get any worse, or stranger for our adventurers. But then again...

The Stranger Lands is a weekly real play podcast set in the steampunk world of Pilas using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset.


Tash the Aasimar Cleric - Colleen - @browncoatsgirl
Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijin
Bagger the Firbolg Barbarian - Jon -  @wurfstoneborn
Silver Paw the Tabaxi Rogue - Trav - @tigurias87
Diamat the Chromatic Dungeon Master - Mat - @Witty_Mat

A special thank you goes to The Cog is Dead (@TheCogIsDeaD) for our theme song “People Are Strange” and to Jenny (@Floyd_jpg) for our cover art!

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